iOS 11.3 Beta 4 – Follow-up

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After using iOS 11.3 Beta 4 for a few days, I share my experience.

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  1. Could you maybe make a video explaining ICloud a little more? I have problems understanding the three different pages (ICloud, Storage and IPhone Backup), which are all showing the same apps but different sizes of them using space. I'm getting very confused all the time. I'm using it and it works, but a thorough explanation of the settings would be really great!

  2. I just buy a new battery case charger it’s working very well but when I update the phone to beta 4 it is working for 6sec and turn off automatically please help me im very sure the problem not in battery case or phone 90% from update iOS 11 is sucks I have 2 battery case I have the new one and the old one I tried them both and still same problem working 6sec and turn off automatically in beta 3 it was working very well with no problem but in beta 4 has crashed please help guys anyone?

  3. Re-indexing would NEVER take a day or two. It literally would take a few hours to complete depending on how many apps you have and it would only index these files while charging…

  4. So i just got my Iphone 10 yesterday, and I honestly dont like it. the small things like not being able to use it with one hand, getting notifications and forcibly having to see them because of face ID. I had the Iphone 7 before so I dont know if i should return it

  5. Beta 4 is much better that any…!!! Still when it comes to other phones from family, iphone 6 n below are quite laggy…!!! Seems, Ios 11 and above is not for them…!!! And when you switch it to Smart invert, you feel older samsung phones work better than this…!!!

  6. In either iOS 11.3 or 12 I would love to see a redesign for YouTube and for them to actually be serious about their improvements and stability in the updates they release and I know I’m not the only one who would agree with me on that as well

  7. Are you sure your usage time isn’t erroneously counting itself up when your phone is in standby??? Try taking a screenshot of your usage right before bed then lock the phone. When you wake up take a screenshot and see how much your usage ticked up overnight. It just seems like you have an insane about of usage on your 10 for it still having 50% left. Something seems fishy unless you were listening to music for a few hours with the screen off.

  8. iPhone 7 Plus user here: Battery life, better than any other iOS 11 Beta/GM.
    But there are some glitches, slow downs, etc.. with opening apps.
    If they increase performance in next beta, that would be like iOS 10.3.3 with refreshed look and feautures.
    So.. they didn't do anything, we just lost 1 year of progress with iOS.. while Android is steping their game up.

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