iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 10.0 C0F3 JAILBREAK BETA RELEASED | All you need to know!

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In an unexpected turn of events, a new Jailbreak has been released which apparently supports #iOS 10.0 all the way up to iOS 11.1.2. To be able to do this, Joseph Shenton, the developer of C0F3 Jailbreak has combined multiple exploits together. Amongst the exploits used, C0F3 includes v0rtex exploit by s1guza, v0rtex 32-Bit, async_wake (a few of the forks), and xerub’s KPPless.

According to Joseph Shenton, the…


  1. hi..just wanted u to know g0blin jailbreak work's %100 on my iPhone SE joke..I have all tweaks installed I use ..u have to click on the I in the top right of the page after u fire up the g0blin app.then a page will pop up and turn it on and hit save, then hit the jailbreak button..if that step is not done it will not open cydia…will re boot and cydia works if u do it the way I just said..hope u see this…thx…

  2. Don't work for me. Cydia Impactor get stuck while "generating application map". The COF3 App is still on my phone but when I start jailbreaking it's freezes -.- . iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.1

  3. Over christmas I got an apple watch and had to update from 10.3.1 on my iPhone 6s. I wanna cry. Couldn’t use my $400 dollar watch without ios 11. I even have blobs saved from 10.2.1 and upwards. Even all the way through ios 11 and now I’m stuck on 11.2.0

  4. Cof3 Jailbreak, also there has been a new app released titled TornGat That you can download off of Tweakbox it works for iOS 11.x-11.1.2 and it allows you to change the shape of apps, change the boot logo and much more

  5. Ciao GEO tanti auguri di Buon Anno
    grazie a te le notizie del Jailbreak sono n tempo reale

    Hello GEO Happy New Year greetings
    thanks to you the news of Jailbreak are real time

  6. question, so this is what i am hearing: you can't just take the IPA and install it on your device and be good to go? you would have to modify the source code and compile it yourself based on your own device's offsets, correct?

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