iOS 11.0.2 is Out! – What’s New?

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iOS 11.0.2 is out to the public. I go over what’s new and if you should update or not.

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  1. Currently using 11.0.1 on my iPad Pro 10.5. Battery life and responsiveness has taken a slight hit compared to 10.3.3. Anyone here with the same setup? Will updating to 11.0.2 improve my battery life?

  2. My wife and I have an iPhone 6’s, and the iOS 11 upgrade did not affect our batterys’ lives. The issue we began having after the 11 upgrade, is that we can longer adjust the volume of our alarms. We set the volumes to our different alarms (aI have 5 throughout the day) as we always did, but they go off at 100% every time; not something you want to hear anytime of day, especially first thing in the morning. I’ve tried everything I’ve found to rectify the prob. I’ve also looked to see if any of the alarm functions have been relocated.
    Help us, Obi Wan Zollotech. You’re our next hope, then we’ll try our next hope, then our next hope, then our……….

  3. Just wait 5 more days and the iOS 11.0.3 will be out … fixing more issues that are in the current crap they Beta tested for us in the exceptional manner every one is used to. Once Steve Jobs went to the otherside and the cock suckers took over Management all they can do is make jewelry (iWatch) that no one will buy except the most stupid of Apple customers. The battery is being sucked by function such as location and audio perv from the mic always being on if Apple wants to perv on you. There is no privacy any more … it is in the Corporate contract you agree to. Yes .. you agree for them to perv on you.

  4. Ios 11.0.2 drains battery super fast on iphone 8 and 8 plus. When you try to use fast charging it doesn't charge it keeps going down. You have to use the regular shitty charger. And Wireless charging doesnt work at times. Im staying on 11.0.1 till that gets fixed lol

  5. Ok so first of all i have a keyboard bug (I’m using iphone 7 plus ? It’s not old or anything i got it not even a week ago and i had 0 problem before i updated to IOS 11. First my battery, drain’s quickly as hell, second it heat’s so much, i don’t even know if it’s normal at this point, second some app won’t give me notification and i tried everything to delete it to reinstall it etc.. still did the same, and the keyboard whenever i type or wanna send emoji it goes like up of my typing bar and i don’t see what i’m typing. Gonna be honest when i updated to IOS 11.0.2 i saw that it got faster and it was smoother but i still have those problems that i just said up there. I hope apple fix it soon !!!

  6. My iPhone 7 Plus red addition battery drains really fast since I updated to 11.0 .2 and my phone get hot And heaven bugs issues on my phone I’ll charge my phone at 94% at 4 o’clock do you not get on my phone until after eight it was on 83% when I got home at 12 o’clock is it 22% apple need to fix this battery issue with the iPhone 7 Plus

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