iOS 11.0.2 Battery Life : Has it improved compared to iOS 11.0.1? iPhone 7/6S/6/5S Test

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Video Description :

iOS 11.0.2 is out !!

With the release of iOS 11 there were a lot of people complaining that battery life deteriorated significantly. So with the new quick release of iOS 11.0.2 one could hope that Apple has addressed this
issue, as it did not seem to…


  1. There really isn’t a problem with iOS 11, it’s just that it resets nearly all your apps to use both Location Services & Background App Refresh. Turn all those off and your battery will be fine…

  2. I don't know if it has anything to do with that, but 1 day after I updated to iOS 11.0.1 my Touch ID stopped working and its broken now, battery life on my iphone 6 on ios 11.0.2 is 3-4 hours… I even replaced the battery this week, don't know what to do.. my phone is broken and battery life is really bad

  3. I turn the iPhone .. OFF. Click it on .. send 1 text message .. 5% drain. Turn it off again. Other people tell me Apple keeps tracking you and perv on your conversations with the mic … using your battery that way even with privacy settings clicked on. My next purchase is a PC/Android .. much CHEAPER to own crap that is a head ache to operate.

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