iOS 10 Lockscreen Bypass Backdoor! Access Photos & Contacts

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How To Bypass iOS 10 Lockscreen & Access Photos, Contact Info. Works on iOS 10.1 & 10.0.3 on iPhone, iPad & iPod. Crazy Passcode Bypass.


  1. you cant acsess anything except emergency calls no siri no camera nothing at all …. what to do … if i wanna break in an iphone in that case

  2. Ok so I bought an iPhone 7 from the at&t store. The phone was unavailable so it was ordered online & sent to my home. The issue is when i started my iPhone set up it ask for a passcode I put a 4 digit passcode. It started backing up form iCloud & the iPhone went to the lock screen. Now it's saying wrong passcode & wont unlock…smh help please 🙏🏻 plus Siri is not setup either

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