iOS 10: How to control HomeKit devices with the Home app

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A look at the new Home app for iOS 10. Now it’s easy to control HomeKit-enabled devices from stock iOS, Control Center, Siri, Apple Watch, and more. Read our full in-depth Home app guide:

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  1. i didn't have any use for the HomeKit feature. I can't remember how i got rid of it from Control centre. How can i restore it back to the control centre since i am now going to be having some HUBs for my house?

  2. I've literally watched this video about 20 times, I want to buy HomeKit but their too pricey, plus I really don't want to buy a hub, if I only want a few things. I'm waiting for the koogeek lightbulb ?

  3. Hello, do you know how this works when sharing with someone? For instance, I would need to share all functions with my wife. If I set a scene to turn on lights when arriving home after a certain time, if either of us return home, will it activate? Does it sense this by GPS location with the iPhone?

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