iOS 10.3.3 JAILBREAK (KeenLab+Pangu8 ) by Cydia Magic ANALYZED

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In this video we’re going to take a look at this so called “KeenLab+Pangu8” Jailbreak posted on YouTube by a quite popular channel going by the name Cydia Magic which is of course, FAKE!.

We’re going to see whether it has anything to do with any actual #Jailbreak or it is fake. I’ve been sent the link to that channel and particularly to that “Jailbreak” video by some of you on Twitter and in the comments section of the previous video in which I’ve discussed about another “Jailbreak” channel…


  1. So stupid how people believe all these trolls saying there is a new Jailbreak if there was a new Jailbreak I'm sure legit sites & people who release a real Jailbreak I'm sure YouTubers like GeoSnow
    These are the guys I follow when there is a real Jailbreak all these guys release a video showing it's real that's when you know there is a safe Jailbreak now how stupid can u be to think one YouTube guy & there isn't anyone else like the 3 listed above haven't released anything if you see something from one guy then if u wanna check go to Pangu website the official Jailbreak sites to see if there website is updated with a new free legit Jailbreak release I wonder how many ppl tried this if you want to get a notification subscrib to this channel when a real Jailbreak is released I'm sure GeoSnow will let us all know I am a subscriber & when he releases a new video I know & get a notification & I always check to see what's new thank you GeoSnow can't wait for or if a new Jailbreak is coming soon but if there is I'm sure your the first to know & will let us all know

  2. In my opinion: if all these motherfuckers tried to actually develop something useful for the community as hard as they try to infect people with their adwares we would live in a better world. And we would have a real jailbreak by now.
    (Do I really need to prove that I watched it all? I do it anyways, lol)

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