iOS 10.2.1 RELEASE DATE | Everything About Jailbreak

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With all the commotion created by Luca Todesco’s decision to join Apple’s Bug Bounty Program, things will stay a bit different for Jailbreaking.

Apple is taking the week off from releases due to US Holidays, which means that we can expect the iOS 10.2.1 Public Release (or less likely, a new Beta) by next week. Why is this important? Well, Although iOS 10.2.1 has nothing but bug fixes, it is important for Jailbreaking because once released, Apple will go almost all lengths to get you…


  1. With all the commotion going on with Luca's decision to join Apple Bounty Program and all other things, I think this will help you understand everything you need to do to ensure you are NOT left behind when a Jailbreak finally drops. for the moment, Yalu supports iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7, 6S, iPad Pro and iPhone SE

  2. Stupid Luca and in the other side Jay freeman doesn't want to enable Mobilesubstrate so this jailbreak is totally useless. I have my 7 plus jailbroken but there's no usage without mobilesubstrate.

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