iOS 10.1.1 Exploit and Jailbreak RELEASED! How to Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1

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Today the people behind Google 0 Day project have published a full app / exploit that is able to gain shell root access over iOS 10.1.1. For the moment, the exploit comes bundles inside an app that requires Xcode for compilation, but hacker Luca Todesco made a twitter post about his intentions;

Google 0 Day team is focused on finding 0 day exploits, and as you can see, they publish these exploits as open source, so anyone has access to them. The exploits behind the tool are able to allow…


  1. I'll stay on 9.3.3 only if ur bypass method patch still works on not signed ios. Should I update it to 10.1.1 while its still time to patch. Or it doesn't matter if an ios is signed or not anymore? thanks

  2. Hello and thanks for your great research!
    I'm still trying to fix the baseband using 9.3.3 cfw on an iPhone 6 Plus.
    But what to do if I can't find the firmware keys? iPhoneWiki has taken them down for some reason…

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