I Was Friend-Zoned

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Zarina and her best friend Alicia were just hanging out on a Summer day, just before school started. Typical teenage girls, they were busy on snapchat. Zarina was particularly interested in this one boy – a hockey player – and she had a huge crush on him. Of all the boys in her…


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  2. randomly after school my current crush said:
    "It's the opposite she crushes on me, but I don't."
    And I just fell apart into a gooey, awkward, heartbroken puddle of sadness. XD
    I'm fine LoOK hOw I tuRnEd OuT

  3. I have a friend that likes me and I friendzoned her but It was for a good reason I'm only 12 years old and I don't wanna date hey atleast when I want to I have somebody to look for lol

  4. I had a crush once but then he said to me "i have a crush" and we were really good friends so i was all like 'really?!who is your crush?" really hoping he said it was me but then he said it defintily not me so i said" yup that would be awkward" secretly crying inside but its ok now.I found a new crush in my life xD…i just hope he likes me but i have a feeling he does.we are really good friends and he seems a bit like he likes me.I dream of confessing to him but its embarrising and i am to shy and nervous.BAI PEEPS! 😀

  5. I had a really close guy friend who one night texted me “Hey I’m in need of some girl advice do you think you can lend an ear?” I said sure. So he tells me all about how he has this big crush on this girl who’s in one of his classes and for whatever reason I thought he was talking about me. I had thought that he was flirting with me. I had liked him for awhile and I finally confessed to it. And he said “Well Julia, it wasn’t you I was talking about however that was very sweet and that won’t change anything between us we’re still good friends!” We were SO close as friends for awhile until I opened my big mouth and now I’m almost two years out of high school and he hasn’t texted me since the end of my senior year sometime. I wish I would’ve never opened my mouth.

  6. you're really brave i wouldnt have spoken to him ever again…..i dont like people looking down on me or feeling like they have the upper hand in the friendship simply becuse i like them…actually ounce i find out my "crush" dosent like me i stop likeing them…they become a useless background character, like they were before no harm done…i guess the appeal for me was they seemed interested in me, but ounce i find out that intrest is plotonic…i kinda just lose intreast in them…they just become another face in the crowd

  7. I have a crush on my Senior at school. I tried to talk to him on Messenger but it seems to be useless. I think he doesnt want a new relationship or making new friends. But I dont care. Although its really awkward when we met at school but i still like him and support him.

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