HUGE HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY 2017!! iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus!!!

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I am so thrilled to be able to host this amazing holiday giveaway for you guys and really want to wish all of you GOOD LUCK! I wish i could give back to each and every one of you but we know thats not possible so please don’t get discouraged if you don’t win. I will have other smaller giveaways throughout this holiday season so keep an eye out for those as well!




  1. Hi.. My name is Rhea.. I love you and ur videos and channel.. Ur so giving ans supportive.. U love ur subscribers so much… I would love to win this iPhone as I always wanted an iPhone.. And Iphones in India are expensive and so people cannot afford it.. So would love.. Love to win the iPhone.. Thank u so much.. Love ya,Rhea ????☺️??I would love to see unboxing videos… U should really do them…??

  2. Everything done bro,Hope to win this time??.My friends bully me for having old phone.I wish u will fulfill my dream.I m big fan of urs.This phone is full of Suprises so,hope to win.

  3. it means so much that u care about us to do so many give away as and i just wanna say thank you. i would love the iphone plus in silver to kick of my youtube career. currently i have an old iphone 4 and it would be so nice to have a new phone because i can’t rlly afford anything more

  4. If I win the giveaway, I will be so happy because my phone is really slow and I have a hard time contacting my family overseas. I would like to see more review please!!

  5. Omg ?? this was actually on my Christmas wish list but I probably won’t get it .. super excited to have an opportunity to win an iPhone ?? .. I’m following ur ig @cosa._bonita thanks sooooo much for being so generous ???

  6. wow! i find it really kind for you to do this kind of giveaway! like i'm not better than the other subscribers but i'd obviously love to win this. good luck everyone!

    p.s: i'm spanish so forgive my mistakes please!


    first of all, much love from the Philippines. From the first time I saw your vids i directly fell in love with you hahaha I would like to win the giveaway since this is very expensive here in the Philippines and we can barely afford iphones here so winning this is really a dream come true to me and will be the best christmas gift ever! You're almost to 100ksubs so im proud to be here since day 1 keep doing what you do best.lovelots hehe I hope you choose meee

  8. i really wish i could win this because right now i only have an iphone 4s because my family is really tight in money and i really wish i could win this because my phone is bad and it you see this you are so nice by giving away this your really care about your subscribers and i love you

  9. i really wish i could win this because i never can save up for phones lol but if you see this your so nice by giving away iphone 8s like i wish i could win this and i done everything you said

  10. the world needs more people like you. you've been my daily dose of happiness like i feel happy every time you upload, and although i am just one out of 93k subscribers, you make me/us feel connected. recently, my phone broke and we just can't afford to buy one, since it's not a priority and my mom and dad have to support my sister's college expenses. a new phone could also help me in my studies, especially now that i want to be a consistent honors student because i just wanna make my parents proud. To win this giveaway would be the best thing to receive this Christmas ❤

  11. So close to 100k! <3 We can get there before Christmas!!!!!!! Love you so much. You know, I'm not that person to make excuses to get an iPhone, but it is true that my family won't get me one, and I just really really want one. lol

  12. this would help me soo much because im very poor and i have an iphone 5c and if you pick me then i would be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy greatful and i cant aford a new phone plus the iphone 5c that i have has alot of scratches and i would faint if i won and i subbed liked turned on notification which means im part of #notificationsquad and good luck to everybody 🙂 and btw i would like to see more unboxing videos

  13. I think its so cute how exited you are for this video! ?
    I want to apply for the giveaway because my phone is broken and i cant afford a new one as a student . My birthday is next month and i would love to get a wonderful surprise like this.
    I love your videos and i think you should do some diys or tasting christmas candy from different countrys. That would be funny??
    My insta is @giveawaybhrng

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