How To Use Samsung Smart Switch (UPDATED!)

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Looking to switch from device to device from upgrading? this is the simple and easy app that does it all for you. This works from IOS to Samsung or Android to Samsung.


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  1. I am confused. If you are activating a brand new phone, that means your old phone needs to be shut off and new phone activated. So how do you use the old phone to send if new phone has been activated and old phone is no longer working?

  2. DOES NOT WORK!! I am told I need 309 megs of space. For what! THERE IS NOTHING SMART ABOUT THIS APP!! How do I get software off my table Iike Polaris Office. Something simple like a file transfer program. Can't be like dir opus on the Amiga. The program fit on a low density 3.5 floppy!!! Today's programmers are morons!

  3. This only works from Samsung to Samsung? My Alcatel Pop Astro does not have Smart Switch showing in the Play Store so I can't install it. Are there OS restrictions?

  4. Absolute Epic Presentation
    I'd gladly pay extra for this class act $!

    2 Devices / close up –
    Positioned solid in mounts –
    Great lighting –
    Best Pro Seamless uncluttered back drop applied –
    *There's More, but videos at this class level needs special attention.
    Should be auto promoted by YouTube.
    This moving of data can be very frustrating. I'm at that stage of conflict between Samsung S4, and now brand new LG V20.
    I was tricked into using 3rd party entity, to move music files, but we'll update when steps now shown are successful.

  5. android zte phone won't find the samsung smart switch app in the playstore. The new samsung phone found it just fine. How do I find a comparable app that the phones will recognize to do the job?

  6. This is a great video, but i figured this out on my own with my new phone. Transfer was flawless. Theni went to do my daughter's phone and her old phone doesn't support the Samsung Smart Switch.

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