How to use Netflix VR on IOS Iphone With Google Cardboard Easy Setup Trinus VR for Iphone

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How to use Netflix VR on IOS Iphone With Google Cardboard Easy Setup Trinus VR Iphone vr streamer
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  1. I'm having trouble getting my QB code thing to work ? I have no clue of how to do any of that and it's driving me crazy. lol I bought a headset for my little brother and I can't even get my phone to work with it ! HELP PLEASE! 😩

  2. There should be an app that makes everything on your screen vr, to activate it you pull down your phone notification bar and tap a button and then you have netflix vr. To bad that does not exist

  3. I tested this app some months ago. Currently VR Streamer is the best analog of trinusVR for apple devices (in my opinion) but it needs some work on it. If I remember correctly, it not supports fullscreen mode and connection via USB. Last point eazy to fix if developer will get apple's certificate for USB. I hope developer will improve his app, it's really great implementation. Also as I read on trinus official site, trinus team work on iOS port of trinusVR.

  4. I'm new to iPhone and have no idea how to actually fill in the information to get this to work. Do I have to be connected to the internet? I have lots of movies stored on my computer so I do not need to be connected to watch them. Unfortunately I got the VR Glasses to watch movies when I'm traveling and not connected to the internet. I do like the idea of watching what is on my MACbook Pro… but not sure how to do this.

  5. This works for streaming on my iphone (after going through the VR-Streamer tutorial). Unfortunately, there's nothing about how to get Netflix VR on my computer, so in the end it's not very useful to be able to stream from my computer to my device – there's no VR content to stream. Tell me what I'm missing. Thanks anyway.

  6. I downloaded Gagu VR Streamer on my Iphone 5c and paid the upgrade cost but I keep getting this invalid Server IP Address, I was wanting to know what do I do in this case?

  7. hey can someone please help me? Im going to try gagagu vr streamer now, its downloading and so Is the app but i tried KinoVr first, its a streamer. i got it to come up on my phone but the phone just shows green? right when i launch the item on my deskstop and it asks for admin permission i can see that on my phone but when i click yes it just shows green and ive looked everywhere for a fix and cant find anything.. ill try gagagu but i wanted to kknow if anyone could give me some insight on Kinoconsole/KinoVr, as i have everything set up already on that one thanks

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