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Something I use all the time on a daily basis is the Messages app on my Mac. But, some people that have iPhones don’t necessarily have a Mac and can’t send iMessages with their Windows PC. However, if you download Remote Messages on your jailbroken iPhone, then you can break that barrier.


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  1. I use this. You have to keep your WIFI alive on your phone to use this.. or it won't work. I use Cydia's "Insomnia" to keep my WIFI on, fwiw.

  2. Is there a way to edit the I.P. in settings? For some reason my ip says " but when I type it in on the url in chrome, it shows "this web page is unavailable". I don't understand why it's doing this because I'm connected to the wifi. So theres internet connection, any ideas?

  3. firstly nice video, i have question i am Android user and i use mightytext app, where i give access to my assistant of remote messaging (mightytext) to update my clients, but i can restrict her from viewing my picture gallery and whats app messages which is use for my personal messaging.. Oh and ya i use windows XP !! all this will work with iphone remote messaging ?? if yes then i will buy one right now !! also to install this remote messaging app we dont have to jail break right !!! coz some other videos i saw recommend jailbreak, which am against


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