How to Use Apple Pay Cash! It’s Finally Here!

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How to Use Apple Pay Cash!

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  1. omg he's smart too he just taught me a new word


    showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles.

  2. So we don’t have Apple Pay in Germany at all. Though I do hope we will get it over Apple Pay Cash. Will I be able to pay in stores directly with the money on my Apple Pay Cash Card of is it only like a temporary storage until you transfer it to your credit or debit card?

  3. Once again, only for America at the moment. Apple sux like that. If you're going to bring something out that you claim is so great then bring it out globally at the same time not just for America….big world out there.

  4. Dope vid. I had Apple Pay cash for a while. Just note cause my build for it may be different from yours. You don’t need a balance on your cash card to send money. You can use a debit card with no fee or a credit card with a 3% fee.

  5. Hey ?? Question. Right now I have the FULL screen tempered glass on my X with the black edges & when I say full I mean no circle cutouts for the sensors. Ok so I LOVE the look & I haven’t had any issues with the sensors. BUT when peep look at my phone not realizing I have a protector on; when I tell them I do they say “you should’ve gotten the one with the cutout!” (as if I’m hurting the sensors) Does it really matter whether they’re covered or not as long as they’re working fine? ? Looking more for your opinion this morning (good morning) that’s all.

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