How to solve the forgotten password for iPhone/iPad (Disabled mode)

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Works 100%
How to solve the forgotten password for iPhone/iPad (Disabled mode)

If your device is not recoginzed, or it disconnect during the process.. Then try to follow the below instuctions that was posted by one of the viewers: (Vanessa Guvera):

Really helpful thank you Noticed that most people were having problems with the iPad disconnecting with the laptop and showing some unexplainable errors but just reconnect your iPad to the computer over and over again by pressing the home…


  1. Hi, I followed all the steps. However, during the downloading of ipad software update, it show, "The itunes cannot connect to the ipad. An unknown error occur 0xe8000015". Then, the download stopped. Try for few times. It still the same. PLEASE HELP ME!

  2. rogers literally disabled my ipad, i remember my password, i get a new phone and then i type out my ipad's password which has data, and it disabled my ipad like wtf?

  3. when i wAS GOING THRough the whole process ,my connection failed and now i am not able to go through the same process again . itunes does'not detecting the pad . please help me … what to do now

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