How To Set Any iPhone song as a Ringtone

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How To Set Any iPhone song as a Ringtone for FREE.


  1. Thanks for the video. saved time. however the tones link in the drop down menu under "music" in itunes is gone. after doing everything in the video to the drag the song to the desktop and rename it, connect your device to the computer and then drag the tones file from your desktop to your "device" in the left column. it will go right into the tones folder in "sounds". go find it on your phone under "settings" and "sounds" and select it. don't forget to properly disconnect your phone.

  2. Thanks soooo much. I spent hours trying and with your video it was done in minutes. By the way, for all reading this…the way to show hidden extensions is to type "hidden" in the windows search and click on "show hidden files and folders" then in the view tab check "show hidden files, folders, and drives". Apply. OK. Once done you can then rename the extension when it's on the desktop. Hope this helps

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