How to remotely crash or hack any iOS based device. iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

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There is a massive bug in Apple iOS that allows you to completely lock up any iOS device like an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPad by simply clicking a URL and playing a corrupt .mp4 video. I tried this on every device I could find with 100% success and it’s mind blowing Apple hasn’t fixed this yet.

▼ URL to crash any iOS device after playback ▼

^- Use at your own risk, this will lock up your iOS device and require a hard reset. You’ve been warned!

▼ Do you run an…


  1. I have for a very long time been anti Apple. Your videos have opened my eyes to Microsoft too. I knew there was a reason I fought the MS Windows 10 upgrade [all my PC kept to Win7] Thanks for the Apple crash.

  2. Barnacules how do u rate Emsisoft internet security? i currently have a 90 day free trail of it and so far i think its alot better then the avast internet security that i had but i would like to hear from a expert about it and what do u recommend for computer antivirus suites? thanks bro

  3. Hey Jerry, the physical force reset isn't all buttons including volume, it is simply home and power, the volume buttons do nothing for the reset sequence. As an IT employee, I have had to do this several time for devices and I thought I would share that with you.

  4. On all iOS ,
    devices, besides the iPhone 7, you just have to hold the power and home button to hard reset it.

    On the iPhone 7, you have to hold the volume down and the power button to reset it.

    It only has been confirmed to work all the way down to iOS 5. Apple patched it on iOS 10.2 and above, however, because it works on older firmwares, this bug is permanent for older devices like the iPhone 4 and 4s that Apple is no longer releasing any updates for them.

  5. Holy Shizz Jerry! I played the video on a PDP-11/70 and it crashed it too! The OS was MS-DOS 6.22… just kidding… I have an Ipad 1 that i like, im not letting this video anywhere near it.

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