How to make a music video on the iPhone with garageband and imovie

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How to make a music video on the iPhone with garageband and imovie.

Best iPhone Music Video
Video and audio production made easy fast and simple on the iPhone iPad using GarageBand and iMovie and the other best music making apps


  1. I have titles before my video. I want to know if it's possible to let the title pass & then bring in the soundtrack!!??! Is there a way to this? I'm working on iPhone 6plus.

  2. Check out this video on YouTube:
    Music video production with the iPhone and iPad made simple and easy with GarageBand and iMovie. The key to video is audio, and the key to music videos is multiple camera angles, later I'll show you how to Bluetooth one camera angle into he other device to sync them up, but for now first learn how to sync the audio and video up together to make a produced looking music video with instrumentals on you iPad and iPhone !

  3. Check out this video on YouTube:How to use the iPad to make a music video and produce audio the fastest best video and audio production tool available using the best music making apps today on the iPad and iPhone

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