How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 6.1 (iOS 5.2)

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Name: How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 6.1 (iOS 5.2)
Description: This tutorial shows you the step-by-step process for jailbreaking the Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.2/iOS 6.1.
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  1. Thanks for the video, but your link to Fire core only seems to have the teathered version. The start of the update to the apple box seems to go well, but after I do the secound remote thing (DFU MODE) after a few min I get a "failed to reset USBcounters" Can you help?

  2. Clicking the Create IPSW button results in an error message that says "No Device Detected. Please connect the Apple TV via USB to continue.", but you didn't connect your usb cable until step 3. Am I missing something? Currently getting stuck on "Resetting the DFU"…

  3. Hi, my friend could you advise on this issue, I have downloaded Seas0Pass on my window Laptop from iDownloadBlog, as you do it on your video when I click on the IPSW my Apple TV dose not connect the laptop it just say '' waiting for device'' and ''please connect the Apple TV via USB to continue'' I have tried change the cable but still dose not recognise the device.please advise the solution if its is possible, you can kindly reply on my mail too at thank You and Best wishes

  4. i keep getting an error message about half way through saying check firewall or internet connection… so i turned my firewall completely off, and plugged my Ethernet cord directly in to my pc and im still getting the error message… can you tell me what im doing wrong please.. thank you.

  5. Your website still says (2 years after this video was made) that you can't jailbreak AppleTV iOS 6.1 and above.  Saying "iOS 6.1 (iOS 5.2)" in the title and saying "the 5.2 firmware which is the 6.1 firmware" does not make any sense.  Are you reverting iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.2?   If yes, then at least say it somewhere.

  6. Help: I currently running 6.2 on Apple TV 2nd gen. I did as you said but in iTunes 10 it's saying Apple TV is not capable with 5.whatever firmware…please help

  7. Contradictory, As The guy says Not to plug mini usb into computer and when you click on,'Create IPSW ' It says,' No Device Detected. Please connect the Apple TV via USB to continue ???? So I guess your right NightSailor …. 

  8. hi is´t not worsk for my apple tv 2 model MD199E/A whit iOS 6.1.1 in seas0npass tell me what "this device is not supported by seas0npass" what can't i do for do it the jailbreak to my apple tv 2 please help me 

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