How to install RetroArch on iOS 10.3.2 // iPhone 7+ NO JAILBREAK

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I wanted to find a reliable way to play old video games on my phone. The biggest requirement was being able to backup my gamestates and saves. There are a lot of different routes for this, but I found RetroArch to be the best solution.

LIBRETRO / RetroArch:

RETRO ARCH Conversation & IPAs:

RetroArch 1.3.6:




  1. Just a quick tip. You can define input overlays for each core. It's pretty useful as the N64 doesn't use all 3 L and R buttons, neither X and Y, and A and B are not positioned correctly. You can choose to use the N64 overlay and it shows only A, B, C buttons, R on the right, Pause on the middle, and you can toggle between Analog stick + Z and D-Pad + L

  2. This is certainly the best retro game emulator for iOS devices so far. I would like to somehow upgrade the arcade emulator to be able to play most arcade games including the 3D ones.

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