How to hack almost any Tower Defense game (iPhone/iPod)

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In this video, I will show you how to hack almost any tower defense game in the app store (sorry, no Towermadness). You will need to download (from Cydia):
iFile (unless you want to pay $5, watch this video that will get you a source that allows you to get it for free:

Find the app in iFile. /var/mobile/applications. Go to the file that has a .app . find the towers and hack away. leave any comments if you have any questions. i will try to…


  1. your an ass…..why would you show fieldunner?…..the video says tower defense ……how in the fuck am i suppose to follow u with tower defense if your talking about fieldrunner?

  2. @zombiglitcher95 I found that I could mod things like maps (replace image and bloon paths) but not lives, money, or cost because those things are in that big file…

  3. This works for roughly 2% of tower defense games. Most ones, such as blooms tower defense, have a very big file (around 1-3 mb) that contain this info… But trying to open this causes iFile to crash.

    So that u all know, i would like to share a …. not so much a secret, but a helpful idea! GO TO CYDIA, AND DOWNLOAD CRACKED IFILE!!! that is the FULL iFile for FREE and when you are in the folder, "Applications" now u can go to the bottom left of the screen, click the options button, and turn ON APPLICATION NAMES!!! xD your welcome people! please like, so others could see

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