How To Fix iOS 10 WiFi Issues

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Today we are back here with our new video on How To Fix iOS 10 WiFi Issues .



  1. I have wi-fi in my room on my iPad and Computer but not on my iPhone. Have tried everything but nothing works. I have wi-fi about 5-10 meters away from the router. Thanks for help.

  2. Hi. I know this is about wifi problems and solving them……but there is another wifi problem that I need help with. When I go to wifi and I'm connected to my regular home wifi that I use for my house, it connects but then under the wifi name it says performance recommendations. I go to the link it gives me but the steps are just how to connect and just a simple disconnect and connect. I tried it a few times and it doesn't work. I reset my iPad and it still says performance recommendation. I've searched around google and YouTube but I cannot find the right one. But since this is the closest video I found, I'm asking you to help me. I beg ur pardon but I'll appreciate any response.

  3. The issue I'm having is that Facebook using app and safari won't load images properly through my home network on both iPhone and iPad. It works fine on other networks not my own. Google images and everything else such as messenger all images load. Just Facebook won't load images properly. What do I do? I've tried uninstalling the app, resetting network. Resetting the router and restarting devices…I can't figure it out!

  4. I can connect to Wifi but it disconnects itself after 1 hour and I tried reseting it with itunes and now stuck in setup screen and I throwed my Ipad already! BTW If I do forget this network and try connecting again Ipad says incorrect password everytime even If I type it right! PLS HALP!
    Device Ipad Air 1st generation Ios 10.2.1 ( downgraded from Ios 10.3 Beta 1 )

  5. For the people who say her voice is annoying go on to another video or turn off volume and turn on captions commenting absolutely it isn't really that useful tf she gonna do change her voice ?

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