How To Find Codes & Unlock ALL Cards! | Mortal Kombat X New Update 1.16.0 MKX Mobile iOS & Android

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Here is a tutorial on how to find the code for any card you have in order to max or replace it.


Order Konqueror Shao-Kahn (DIAMOND), Tigrar Goro & Klassic Goro (DIAMOND) :

Guiding you live on how to get any character card on your own :…


  1. @Rhino Gaming, with all due respect, here's what you did:
    1. Taught us how to edit fusion level, level of character & how to replace with new cards.
    2. Given us the codes.

    PS: We all do appreciate your help, but you didn't teach us how to get codes. When another update comes, we don't want to wait for the new codes to be shared just like this, we want to find codes by ourselves as soon as it releases so we can hack them instantly.

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