How To Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3

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Download iOS 10.3.2/10.3.3:

Get iOS 11 for Free without a computer:

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  1. Hi. Just a friendly reminder here. I had followed all the steps you listed on your link below. However, most of my apps crashed after I downgraded to iOS 10.3.3. My phone is super duper lag, I can't even press the PHONE or MESSAGE icon. So, I have to reset the software for my phone. In conclusion, thank you for making efforts to share the tips with us but it couldn't work perfectly. So why not just find a solution for it so that the one who will be watching this video will never encounter such issues again? Please do something on it. I have to reinstall everything even though I already done with my backup before I proceed to downgrade it. I don't know is it my own problem but yeah. This is what I encounter just now and it's super frustrating.

  2. I tried to downgrade my iPhone 7 Plus from iOS 11 Beta 2 to iOS 10.3.2 and now im stuck in recovery mode. I downloaded the ipsw link for my iphone, then clicked "update" and it didnt work, so I then tried to redo the same process, but I clicked "restore" this time and it didn't work as well. I here if you downgrade to iOS 11 Beta 1 then to iOS 10.3.2 it works. I'm really just trying to use my phone and to avoid having to go to my phone company and get a new phone or pay money for a new one.

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