How to Add a Weather Widget to your Lock Screen in iOS

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Cydget is great jailbreak tweak that allows you to essentially add widgets to your iOS 7 lock screen (like rising bars instead of a clock, for example). Today we have a jailbreak tweak that uses Cydget to display a fantastic looking weather widget on your lock screen called iOS 7 LockScreen Weather . This weather widget shows you the forecast, temperature, and…


  1. I purchased this tweak quite sometime ago.  Once installed my phone kept going into safe mode.  I removed and forgot about it.  Last week, I started playing with my phone and remembered iOS7 LockScreen weather. Using Cydget, I activated and once again my phone started going into safe mode. Hoping for support, I visited the Pint of Milk web site and found others are having the same issue.  I've tried contacting POM of help but as of this writing they have not responded.  

    Any suggestions to stop the safe mode issue are greatly appreciated.

  2. Doesn't work on my iPhone 5 and I followed the tutorial 🙁 didn't miss a thing. Maybe it's because I'm running a Pangu jailbreak? Or because I have 7.1.2? Help? Anyone? Please? 🙂

  3. I download the lockscreen weather. For some how I couldn't get it started. It said there was an error loading the preference bundle for weather setting.
    Need help?

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