How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop an AK-74 Bullet?

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Can an iPhone 6 Plus Save Your Life? Here’s How Many iPhones It Takes To Stop a Russia AK-74 Bullet. Complete Gun Destruction Test.


  1. I dont know how I feel about this video. Iphones werent made to act as bullet proofs, they were meant to act as Smartphones. U re literelly telling people to stuck up six iphones to save thenselves from bullets? Know if I knew I was about to be shot at, I would have as well as stayed at home and try to avoid it

  2. Omg i am dreaming, literally dreaming to have iPhone 6s…..but never to use it for this.Guys you are the best but…..this hurts to watch hahahah.Here's the dealI will say anything nice for you guys but in return you will give me one free iPhone 6s. Deal? 😀

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