How BRITTLE is the glass on the iPhone 8? Scratch, Drop and Water Torture Tests

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Thought this video was going to end MUCH sooner than it did. I wasn’t terribly impressed that Apple decided to go with the glass-back route. I liked the Aluminum body of the iPhone 6 and 7’s because of the increased durability.

But I was surprised at how much punishment the new iPhone 8 could take.

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  1. Idiots. I wanted to remove this video from my recommended video but ended up mid clicking to watch. Why do these idiots think smartphone would be unbreakable? Never is unbreakable no matter how much you pay >.>

  2. My loving brother also dropped his iPhone 8 Plus walking out of the store 🙁 broke on the first drop wtf lol do yal ever think that maybe Apple does this shit on purpose so they can make you spend MORE money on fixing your phone? So you can spend more money on cáses? We are being manipulated and shitted on and we just sit there

  3. I just dropped my 8 Plus in an otterbox symmetry from less than two feet while I was sitting on a chair on concrete i took it out of the case to check and I literally had to blow away paint/glue from where the screen meets the side bezel on the left side right under volume rocker ridiculous

  4. Nice phone, if you want to drop a $1000 phone right after you and someone else buys it for you. Then feel free to do so these types of reviews are almost pointless. NO ONE will buy this phone and not put it in a case–NO ONE, that is but an idiot. This includes the iPhone X. POINTLESS REVIEW, DROP A GLASS, AND IT WILL BREAK!

  5. Please read.. I drop my phone all the time and just now i dropped it 3 times and i need to know how strong the glass is because im getting a iphone 8 plus.. Also what kind of clear case is the best for it that wont crack the glass or screen??

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