Get The iPhone X Notch On Any Phone…

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iPhone X will be unique amongst iPhones. It will be the only iPhone to feature a “notch” at the top of it’s display. The iPhone X notch is used to house components necessary for various phone features. The iPhone X notch allows for the advanced facial recognition capabilities Apple described in it’s keynote. In this video I try out an app capable of overlaying the iPhone X “notch” onto any Android smartphone. In this video I tested the software based notch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the…


  1. fully wireless powering has been around for quite a while, several companies offered solutions for powering small appliances from one router in the room.
    It's probably not that great for charging speeds and not great for battery life, but its not new

  2. how did he find 10 mins to talk about something so amazing irrelevant? theres just gonna be a black bar to make it a square picture when needed….its that simple. what is the big deal???

  3. Dont like the notch myself but do like the reviews bro.. Keepem coming.. One Id like to see or hear about is whats up with the iPhone X plus? I heard rumors of a 6.4" iPhone. Is it true? Also, heard you say something about getting extra iPhones.. Would love to get one of the extra iPhone x or iPhone 8 plus if you find it in your heart to spare one.. Thanks a whole lot in advance if you do.. Looking forward to future videos.. Oh one more question.. Are there any phones other than iphone that use siri?

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