Gangstar New Orleans: How to get FREE 3 & 4 star items!

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Gangstar New Orleans release date is very soon on iOS, Android and Windows (as if anyone has a windows device pfft). Today, I’m looking at how to free to play high level items in Gangstar New Orleans. Please like, sub and comment for daily gangstar videos/live streams. Thank you so much!

twitter: fishdixgaming


  1. So dude my brother is 4 and every time he opens a jar I get 3-4 star items from crap jars like daily or 1 star guaranteed and he'll get past that and get 4 stars but when I do it in premium I get 1 star duplicates

  2. There is a secret key it's 145263456123 (that's the number order for the connecting the dots thingy) ( 1 is the top obvious dot, the second one is the right dot underneath the first one and the sixth one is the left dot underneath the top dot

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