Galaxy S8 Vs LG G6 Vs iPhone X Vs Moto X4 & More |16.9 Aspect Ratio Vs 18.9 Aspect Ratio |

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ARE WE GETTING SCAMMED ??. Galaxy S8 Plus Vs Galaxy 7 Edge Vs iPhone X(10) Vs iPhone 7 Plus Vs Blu Vivo 5 Vs Lg G6 Vs Moto X4
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  1. Wow nice comparison EZ. The late nexus 6 was a great phone 📱. It was ahead of its time. I'd like to see this kind of video again with more of the flagship devices. It's always nice to see a bunch of devices together on display to compare the differences. (Ford GT)

  2. Interesting topic here Eric , but crikey mate , i wish US would come to the party and use metric 🙂 , (metric) millimetres is so much nicer for measuring stuff easily .
    Anyway point taken ,
    perhaps like all trends and fashions , the aspect ratio may change again down the track ( I live in hope ).
    Maybe im a dinosaur , but i miss my off screen buttons that work instantly on the first press , non of this touching the bloody screen to bring up the buttons first bullshit (pardon my french ) .
    not to mention if i go from landscape to portrait and back to landscape i know where my dam buttons are instantly, where as on some phones the onscreen buttons get confused with movement , the same with gestures .
    sometimes progress ……… just is not progress .
    Did i mention the notch ??? how is that a good thing ???
    if i was an iphone person , i wouldnt go near an X , i would go the 8+ , same for the essential phone too, i`m sure they are good phones , but not for me ..

  3. I dont mind 18.9 aspect ( i have an S8+ and its a good device) , but i do prefer the old phablet style big wide screen which imo is better for us blokes with big hands and fat fingers for typing .
    Nothing beats the big wide flat phablet screen for ease of interacting with the phone and viewing content imo .
    And for me i`m willing to let the difficulty of fitting the big buggers in pockets slide for that extra on screen utility .
    i might add , i still find my old note 4 my favorite phone of all time even if it is a tad slow at times .

  4. Eric, you are right, there is a lost of screen area from going from 16:9 to 18:9. On GSMArena, Honor 7x and Honor 8 Pro are about the same size in screen area and 18:9 5.93 inch Honor 7x and 16:9 5.7 inch Honor 8 Pro are just about the same. So, there is a loss of .2 inch or more in screen area going from 16:9 to 18:9 aspect ratio.

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