Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus IN-DEPTH Camera Test!

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Which is the Best and Your Favourite SmartPhone Camera? Watch and Find Out!

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Instrumental produced by Chuki

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  1. Overall in video and with your pictures the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 really stood out to me as being the better device when it comes to the cameras the more real to life look and feel of the videos and pictures, Day or Low light/Night… Both were amazing! but again the Note 8 just edges out the iPhone 8 plus due to the fact that it's giving me those natural colors whether it's front or rear cameras the Note 8 to me is the winner? in your video. As solo devices you can't go wrong ? like you said it all depends on what you want? I will say this when I'm watching movies on my smartphone I love the cooler colors but if I'm shooting video and taking pictures in real life then I prefer real to life look and feel..not overblown and I felt the iPhone 8 plus was visually brighter but over blowing just a bit. Rate awesome job on this video love your tutorial phenomenal? keep it up my friend ✌️

  2. Awesome video once again such a detailed comparison but my 480p screen cannot do justice to this video.I think the difference in colurs is a personal preference and it may vary and the 4k 60fps for iPhone is a huge deal for me I will go with the note 8(If I have money:p) keep up on those quality content I hope you have a nice day

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