Friday 5: Awesome subscription-free writing apps for iOS [9to5Mac]

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Looking for a writing app for iOS that doesn’t require a subscription? Subscribe ► | Read full article ►
Apps featured:
1Writer ($4.99):
Scrivener ($19.99):
iA Writer ($4.99):
Byword ($2.99):
Pages (Free):

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):…


  1. Was Byword really $2.99 three months ago when this video was published? It's $5.99 today?! (The corresponding Mac OS app has also doubled in price.) Has this app seen significant changes in features, or have they just increased the price? Other comments suggest IA WRITER is the better app – this app is now cheaper at $4.99.

  2. Excellent informational video as always. I really felt Scrivner was the app I was looking for until I found it in the app store and learned it does not support iCloud. Thats very disappointing. Hope they update the app soon

  3. Do people hate subscriptions that much? As long as the subscription is like $5 a month, I'd rather that than having to pay a ton of money for each new iOS release, and then having to buy the mac version too.

  4. Nice vid as usual! I use Notes for everything but… I use Pages when I need to read a Note while writing the final document/script. This is because I use my iPad for writing and the only way I can have a note on one side and write about it at the same time is using another software. Will check the other options too, cheers!

  5. Scrivener probably has the most options, and is an excellent writing app, but I wish it had icloud syncing and a focus mode on sentence or paragraph. Scrivener 3 for Mac is out soon, and thankfully not subscription-based (looking at you Ulyses).

  6. It's hard to beat Pages for the Apple ecosystem, especially the cloud. I think because it's free as part of every Apple device, it gets little respect. I've tried them all as a professional text writer…Scrivener, iA Writer, Om writer, Ulysses, etc…and I always come back to Pages for Mac and iOS, MS Word for Windows devices.

  7. iA Writer user here. It's an amazing and simple app. I would prefer iA Writer over Byword, since the Byword doesn't seem to update the app a lot, and the interface seems iOS7-ish, while iA Writer gets constant updates, looks elegant, and the developers are very active and friendly on Twitter answering user questions.

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