FORTNITE MOBILE CLONE FIRST GAME – *OUT NOW!* – Fortcraft Battle Royale Gameplay Android / iOS

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Let’s hop into our FIRST GAME of this FORTNITE MOBILE CLONE GAMEPLAY which is *OUT NOW!* So hope y’all enjoy the Fortcraft Battle Royale / Fortnite Mobile Clone Gameplay on Android / iOS, and make sure you’re subscribed if you want more! (Hitting that like button also let’s me know that you guys want more, not to mention the comments! :P). Fortcraft Battle Royale / Fortnite Mobile Clone Gameplay is a ton of fun so far, so I really hope that you guys enjoy the Fortcraft Battle Royale /…


  1. So Fortnite Mobile still hasn't come out (you can sign-up for it through this video though! ), but we got FORTCRAFT which just came out today and looks like it's a great look at what Fortnite will be like when it hits Mobile, AND it's already out on Android and iOS too I'm pretty sure. Regardless… it's actually kinda fun? idk lol, you guys let me know + have a fan-freakin-tastic day πŸ˜€

  2. They promised the same graphics and it's not the same graphics…

    Edit: Actually, if this is the mobile version for Android and it's not the actual one we're getting, then yei!!!!!!!

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