Fix Deleted Cydia, Blank Sources, Cydia Errors – All Devices iOS 10

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A complete guide to fixing MOST problems jailbreakers encounter with the iOS 10 Yalu jailbreak. Works on all devices supported by Yalu102.

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Mac/Windows PC with Impactor & iTunes installed
A jailbroken device on iOS 10 – 10.2
A fresh iTunes backup
No skipping in the video if your Cydia is broken (there are important details)

Table of Contents
0:50 – Pro Tip
1:30 – Fix Cydia app Issues
2:07 – Fix Random Respings/update…


  1. Ahhhh I need help so bad! I'm on ios 9.0.2 with Pangu jb. Cydia is showing blank sources and not showing my tweaks either. Nor will it let me search for anything because sources of course are blank. I cannot backup my iPhone, because iTunes does not recognize my device. I need help! 🙁

  2. I have a problem I have an iPad mini first gen and so I did the PhoenixPwn jailbreak but didn't want it anymore so I backed up my device and reset it but Cydia was still there so I rejailbroke and when I did Cydia had literally no tweaks all the sources were there but there were no tweaks no nothing just the lists of tweaks

  3. I removed some kind of tweak that told me it would damage my iPod if I did but I did it anyways. Upon rebooting, the cydia app was gone but I don't think it was completely removed because my other tweaks work. I cant seem to find a way to make the sydia app reappear. I tried a hard reboot on my iPod and reinstalling cydia and my tweaks still work but cydia app won't show up on screen. Btw it's 9.3.5

  4. Whenever im trying to upgrade or download something with cydia, it says ''Could not configure 'tar:iphoneos-' ''
    ''Could not perform immediate configuration on 'gzip:iphoneos-arm'. Please see man 5 apt-conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)'' Could anyone help me?

  5. 06:41
    I did have the same problem

    although all my tweaks are installed but not showing on installed tab

    all installed tweaks are working fine as well..

    now if I want to uninstall any tweak
    I cant.bcz its not showing up there
    how can I fix this?

  6. Bugga I got scammed..can you help me iAppleGeek..I have tried every jailbreak tool I have read..all the apps they tell you to download and play..still no jailbreak..I'm running iOS 10.3.3 on a iPhone 6 Plus..I've been trying to jailbreak for days..can you recommend a jaibreak that will work..Thanks

  7. I need servere help..have iPhone 6 Plus, just updated to 10.3.3 and installed cydia demo..then I purchased the full cydia program but NOTHING works..I've tried everything..need help..I'm not savey on computers but cydia hasn't even!!

  8. Bro i literally love you right now. You are my saviour. Subbed and liked. Thank You so Much. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  9. With that yalufix portal, you literally saved my iphone 6s 10.2 from being a nice ipod paper weight into an actual jailbroken iphon/ipod. thank you so much! subbed <3

  10. I have a jailbroken iPhone 6s+ running 10.1 that will only load in safe mode and when I hard reboot to take it out of a jailbroken state my iPhone boots back new phone setup status. Any ideas/help?

  11. I'm on iOS 8.1.2 on iPad 4th getting the error message (ignoring provides line with DepCompareOp for package libstatusbar)(you may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems) I don't know what to do, can you help?

  12. i dont have yalu on my phone no more and my cydia is crashing, itunes wont detect my phone so i cant reinstall yalu. help please i am on ios 10.0.1 and i have iphone 6 plus

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