ELM 327 OBD2 WiFi/Bluetooth Scanner Review for iPhone and Android

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Whats going on guys. happy to bring you this review of my new ELM327 ODBII port diagnostics scanner. Recently purchased this off of ebay for about $20 bucks. In this video I will show you how to clear codes check on important data like boost and air fuel ratios, along with how to do a rolling DYNO run with your laptop. Compatable with Iphone, Ipad (WiFi) and all phones incl’ Samsung running android OS (Bluetooth)



  1. 0:27 "Come on, focus you son of a bitch.".
    Sorry but I found this a little funny!
    Great review BTW.
    I brought one of these recently and there was no disclaimer within the advert on eBay about wifi version not being compatible with my android mobile so I was a little pissed when I found that it didn't work!
    I emailed the seller who had stated that they were from the UK, but wait……Question: What kind of people ALWAYS starts off an email reply with, "Dear friend,"…….Of course the Chinese!
    plus the fact that it took over three weeks to arrive at my address!
    ANYWAY……..enough of that!
    If I had watched your video before I made my purchase, i would have known which one to buy!!!!
    I have the Bluetooth one coming through the post FOC from the same seller as he admitted that it was advertised incorrectly.
    Hopefully I should have it soon!!

  2. hi just got one of these and i can't get it to connect
    i can see it in the wifi – made it a static IP
    all good
    then when i went to Dash Command
    it won't connect
    have it set on ELM
    and port on auto
    any help?

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