Drums! Best Drumming App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

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Drums! Is available on the App Store for the slim price of $0.99!

Drums! Is my favorite drumming app for my iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, i think you guys will agree as well! Check it out on the app store! Tell me what you think! Please rate, comment and subscribe!

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  1. Guys if you have Jailbreak and want to download apps for free.. add to Source repocydia(.)com and search vshare then you can now download apps for free once again!

  2. I started to buy this today but it doesnt record, looking for something I can do some rock, fuck jazz drums then go to Multitrack DAW with, still looking. I have Beatmaker 2, Nanostudio, Garageband, Musicstudio, which are all good for this and that but still need something like Toontrack superior or EZ drummer for Iphone. Any ideas? ahve you seen anything like those out there? I the toontrack libraries are large but there has to be something smaller out there like it.

  3. On ipods or ipads and i think android go to the app store and download the app called apptrailers and enter my bonus code "12plus24" and youll start off with sone points and if you use my code first ill use your code and youll get even more points

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