Don’t use a glass screen protector with the LifeProof Nuud – Torture Tests – iPhone 6/6 Plus

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Take it from us, you don’t want a wet iPhone so don’t risk using a glass screen protector with the LifeProof Nuud for the iPhone 6/6Plus!

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  1. I am looking for the best case for iPhone 6 plus that has a scratch free case, meaning the screen on exterior side, I have bought different kinds and after putting them in your pocket during a couple weeks they all scratch either keys our money change in pocket even mt garage door opener scratched them, is there anything out there that would work for me.

  2. There's a screen protector especially for the Lifeproof Nuud on Amazon that only covers the screen and not the top and bottom. It would work a lot better than a full screen protector

  3. Couldn't you just cut the protective screen to go in the touchable parts that aren't directly under the case?

    I want to get a privacy screen as I've had on all my other phones.
    Can't I just cut it down to the size of the touchable screen? Would that still break the lifeproof seal??

  4. Heya! Im just wanting to use this when I'm on the farm – like to protect from any possible rain, or dropping in dewy grass. I'm only going for a week and don't really want to take my tempered glass off unless I have to. do you think the glass would stop the protection that much for what I'm doing?

  5. You can use whatever protector you'd like and it will still be waterproof as long as the protector does not go under any part of the case. Basically, you should be able to put the protector on after the case is alreadh on

  6. While I'm working on a construction site, and waterproofing isn't a necessity, would you recommend that I leave on at least a thin anti glare screen protector to keep the screen from getting scratched from dirt and or sand? I understand the lifeproof isn't waterproof at that point but I was wondering what would be best for the screen as long as water isn't in the equation. Thank you

  7. What if you buy a glass screen protector but modify it (cutting it with an exact I knife) so that it only fits on the exposed glass area? Instead of anything underneath the case

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