Dog Monitor – Pet monitoring app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Have you got a dog? Do you have to leave him at home while working? Are you interested in what he is doing, when you are away?

Now all you need are two devices – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you really don’t have to worry about him. Dog Monitor is a great tool for all caring dog lovers – reliable, with unlimited reach and always at hand.


  1. The downside to this app is your dog can't see you while video monitoring, and your device's screen needs to be turned on for video monitor (but the device can have its screen off if you only want to monitor your dog's voice. ) But the dimming screen when inactive feature seems it do its job. 🙂

  2. Una nuova app adesso sul mercato è Annie pet monitor, e permette di utilizzare il proprio cellulare come un monitor per ricevere i dati della webcam e poter osservare i propri animaletti. Io la uso per controllare la mia cagnolina che tende a fare ogni tanto dei disastri, ve la consiglio!!

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