Cool Things You Can Do With Jailbreaking iOS 8 (Episode 2)

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iOS 8 jailbreak Tweaks November
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Jailbreak iOS 8 Video:

iOS 8 More Tweaks Video:

Sources: BigBoss
NOTE * this is a default Cydia source No need to add it Just search
CCSettings: Free
HideMe8 Lite: Free
SBFlip: Free
Slide2Kill8 Lite: Free

Sources: Modmyi
NOTE this is a default Cydia…


  1. Hi, Is InTube and MovieBox working on iOS 8.1 after jailbreak? Bec I am getting error "Media Format Not Supported" for InTube and for MovieBox it keeps kicking me out of the app and taking me to App store to download an advertised app. Even after I did download MovieBox still kept kicking me out and opening App store.

    Did you see any issues personally?

    I love your videos. Very knowledgeable and saved me a lot of bucks. Keep it up.

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