Bixby Voice Vs iOS 11 Siri – Is Bixby Better?

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This is Samsung Bixby Voice Vs iOS 11 Siri, which one is better?

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  1. LOL idk why people are coming at Bixby because of the accent thing. Of course Siri is better with it because she's not new. Bixby just came out so tbh that's not even an excuse LOL. However, my bf just got a new phone, Samsung Galaxy S8+ (so jealous), he's only ever had iPhones, but he said Bixby is way cooler than Siri and he just got the phone yesterday LOL and Bixby even tells you it's new and has a lot to learn. #TeamBixby and for those who love Siri, that's cool but we all have a favorite assistant and whoever it is is cool.

  2. Bixby can't compare with Siri. First of all, it's not the same (software VS AI {AI is smarter than software, learning new phrases, new contexts from owners everyday}) Secondly, Bixby is still in developing(Test period) not a fully functional. So this test was failure and useless.

  3. Hey Siri How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
    i suppose it depends on whether you are talking about African or European woodchucks
    Siri just got racist

  4. you have to tell bixby to open internet and search for…. whatever you want, you can't just ask it, who is blank. you have to tell it to open the app. bixby is more advanced when you tell it specifically what to do, like open YouTube and search Galaxy s8

  5. i don't know why this fool chose to ask all web base questions, how about actual tasks that bixby was made to complete? turning on wifi, set an alarm, find a name in your contact, etc. enough with the damn who's LeBron James, who's puff daddy with your bad English. dafuq?

  6. your using bixby won't it's for your fault use far like hi bixby take a pic or send my photos to a certain file it allows you to react to your phone with out the internet usage

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