Best Skins Ever for iPhone 6s

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We take a look at best skins ever for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. If you want to protect your iPhone, but don’t want to use a case that adds bulk, then a skin is for you.

In this video I show you the installation and show you just what a skin looks like on iPhone 6s Plus.

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  1. What about the screen protector, does it come edge to edge, does it cover the curved part of the screen.
    I bought the leather apple case for my iphone 6s. Should i order the skin with side protection or the "case friendly" back only skin?

    I am deciding between this and the skinomi tech skin. Waht is your opinion on skinomi tech skin.
    Thanks for ur help!

  2. I have to say that shipping and customer service was outstanding but I personally was unable to get it to look as nice as these guys do so it was a wash for me…. Just didn't look or lay right but that more likely on me. I'll grab a thin clear case.

  3. I used the "easy install" because I didn't want side coverage. The cut outs were fine however the left side did overlap quite a bit and the right didnt. I wish dbrand had clear or matt

  4. I had one of their skins on my iPhone 6 plus for a year. When tried to peel it off, it left a LOT of sticky residue behind. Won't be getting anymore from them. Sad because I had liked them.

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