Best Screen Recorder for iPhone iOS 10.3.1 (No Jailbreak Required)

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Best Screen Recorder for iOS & Android (No Jailbreak Required)
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  1. I tried some screen recording apps on my iPhone 5S with Sonic 1 and Super Mario Run (fast paced 60 FPS games).
    * AirShou (free) : The most popular one but does not allow screen recording anymore. Streaming only and requires registration to be used. => CRAP
    * EveryCord (free) : Erratic video recording, and audio from microphone only. Set to 60 FPS but only records at around 20 FPS. Audio out of sync. Takes ages to save the video => CRAP
    * PixlRec (free) : Same results as above, it's probably the same software engine => CRAP
    * DR Fone ($40) : Flawless recording. Got true 60 FPS at actual screen resolution (no scaling) with actual audio from the device (some minor glitches in the audio occurs sometimes but it's OK). Instantly saves the video in the camera roll. The only issue is you can't hear the phone audio while recording because of the limitation of AirPlay.

  2. Apple sucks it's not fair that android has mobizen and it records perfect but apple just always has stupid kinds especially this one. I want to switch but my mom says I still have to keep my iPhone. My grandma has android and I really want it.

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