Best Lightning port headphones for the iPhone 7! (2016)

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The iPhone 7 won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack! So how will you listen to music? By buying a pair of Lightning port headphones, of course! In this video, you’ll learn about some of the best, including the Philips Fidelio M2L/27 and the Sony MDR-1ADAC.

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So by now, you’ve probably heard the news. The iPhone 7 won’t have the…


  1. Lightning ports just boost the "premium feel", as you need to go for the hi end gear just to play some tunes in private… Not to mention all those converter cables dangling around like fish poop…

  2. hey nerd geek…you sound funny where are you from?
    anyway i'll wait till i phone 7 comes out 1st than try it out in the stores..see if i liked it or not than i'll buy it from there….
    i loved my note 5…..

  3. By the way with the Onkyo music player you can play HI RESOLUTION files on the iPhone via lighting port digital out. The new AUDEZE SINE will have a lighting DAC cable at a whopping 499.

  4. If these rumours are true which the might be considering the new Apple macbook. Apple is driving an interesting idea with their move to a digital audio solution instead of the traditional low cost analogue based one. I like that they are trying to force a change in this market to the potential of the higher quality of digital audio. But my concern isn't with that, it's with the lightning connector itself… From what I have used of it the connector doesn't require much force to connect or disconnect from the device. do you think this might prove a problem in using an lighting based audio solution, whilst the the 3.5mm jack isn't perfect it did keep a strong grip of your headphones even when tugged on, whereas I fear that lighting connection may disconnect because of a sudden head jerk. Thoughts?

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