Best iPhone 4 Flashlight App EVER? MakLight – iOS Vlog 237

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As one of my favorite feature of the iPhone 4, the LED flash on the back really need its own button to function as a light. Normally, if you do not have any other flashlight apps you use, you would have to go into the Camera app, slide to video mode, switch to flash, and then it is on. Well, this changes that in a really nice and smooth way. Although there are many app in the App Store and Cydia that do this, this one just feel like it does right.

It has an easy to find icon that will…


  1. Dont get mak torch, its horrible… I have cydia and mak isnt a good suggestion. get the app off of the app store called "Light" you have a selectable strobe speed, sos option, and a normal light which amazingly has the option to dim you LED or Brighten it! Another advantage is that there also is no B.S. at the beginning, it launches immidiatly.

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  3. there is another app exactly like that but you have the option to make it stay on and to make it flash.. you dont need to keep prressing it to annnoy the hell out of someone lol…

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