BEST CAMERA EVER Goes To iPhone 8 Plus? Adobe BANKING BILLIONS & JOBY Sells Again: Photo News Fix

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Does the Apple iPhone 8 Plus have the BEST CAMERA every in a smartphone? Adobe is BANKING BILLIONS on subscriptions and JOBY sells again. This is your Photo News Fix for September 26th 2017.

This fix is brought to you by the NEW RODE VideoMic Pro PLUS which i’ve been using for all my recent VLOGS.  This new mic has added some sweet features including safety track, rechargeable battery and it turns on when you turn the camera on and off when you turn it off.  For more information head…


  1. DXO– Iphone only took 94 because they haven't tested the Note 8 that obviously has a much sharper image and better sensors. Same as they haven't tested the D850. Would like to see your followup when they do.

  2. Cool, with the iPhone 8 I may almost be able to print A5 instead of A6? It's like Instagram is a jail and Apple are setting me free! Though wait, I smell a doggy trick coming…

  3. iphone is the best ? one of the best, sure. the best ? nah.

    LG V30 video =

    • full manual control
    • 10 bit HDR sensor
    • 4K, 120fps 720p
    • 24 bit/192 khz (support true 32 bit playback – Quad DAC) stereo sound video recording, you can adjust where the mic direction to record
    • full manual WB, not preset
    • focus peaking (say hi to most of dslr user)
    • HDR video
    • 11 bit of DR on video (take this one as a pinch of salt)
    • F/1.6 with OIS + PDAF and Laser AF
    • LG Cine LOG + Cine effects
    • Point Zoom (zooming smoothly to your selection area while recording – instead of zooming to the centre of the screen, so you don't have to move your phone while recording)
    • there is also a bit glass on the lens – unlike all plastic like other phones

  4. I moved over from Adobe to Affinity and both my bank account and I are more than happy. I'll be fully content once they come out with their cataloguing programme. Adobe can jog on with their subscription nonsense.

  5. They don't do it because we made test for free and we have to made an other protocol of test, and we have to test every lens again and it's expensive but we will continue again to made test score better. DXO is not a very big compagnie, we try to do the best.

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