Audi mmi 3g iphone mirroring

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2012 Audi mmi 3g mirroring iphone, should work on all 3g models, just requires the following items: AMI RCA ADAPTER CABLE, MINI HDMI TO AV COMPOSITE (SHOULD COME WITH MINI USB CHARGER), 3 RCA COUPLER JOINERS, APPLE DIGITAL AV ADAPTER, IPHONE CHARGING CABLE, HDMI LEAD and off course iphone 5, (iphone possible) then swap the charging cable and av adapter for iphone 4 compatability.


  1. Sorry for confusion but read my description and search for these peripherals(ebay,,amazon) as far as I am aware this will only work on Audi A6 2012-2015 (other models not tested try at your won risk) iphone 5 and above, never the less all peripherals brought will come i handy at some point in your future!

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