Apple Store – Jailbreaking an iPhone

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– The Apple Store is under attack. I went to jailbreak an iPhone and the first thing I saw when I opened Safari is So, someone tried to jailbreak that device before, but I guess the JailbreakMe servers were busy and the jailbreak didn’t work. So, I did it again and the device is now jailbreaked. As I mentioned in the video, Apple can put software on the iOS devices that will set them back to default settings after everyday, just like they do with the…


  1. @darreners That's different. This is altering the device, in a way that could potentially change the operation of the phone. If a customer were to use that phone as a demo, and the jailbreak (for whatever random reason) made the phone not work the way it should, Apple could lose a sale. I know that one store and one sale isn't going to bring Apple to it's knees, but with all the jailbroken devices that were jailbroken in stores, it does affect Apple.

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