Apple iPhone Event 2017 in under 13 minutes

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  1. Dear Apple. If Steve Jobs were still alive, you would not keep copying the old tech that we already had have for a long time like the ”new” 4K feature on the Apple TV. If the case were so that you still were alive we would have extraordinary features like 6k or something else that would have bean reveloutionary, i love you steve Jobs from the bortom of my heart and hope there will be someone else that are able to take over your place

  2. I love how the audience cheers at every new feature like it's an infomercial
    but when they announce the price for every product it was stunned silence!!

  3. So…you can still make a phone call right? Just checking. A whole lot of gimmicks that Apple people will be shelling out $1000 for that they probably won't use because they never needed them in the first place. What a joke. Essentially, this is Apple's version of the Galaxy S7. Also, I like how in my email news this was introduced as not the Best iPhone but the Most Expensive iPhone ever. LOL. They got you guys by the BALLS!

  4. For about two years it's known that Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone would be named the Galaxy X.
    It's hilarious that Apple AT ONCE skipped the iphone 9 and uses the X before Samsung.

    Childish and it's a typical Apple move.

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