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***FYI… For all you saying I am just complaining: since this video I did a restore from no backup, lost everything, and still didn’t fix the issues, even worse, my mic stopped working so siri and talk to text was completely broken I took it in to apple and they would NOT replace the phone, they made me…


  1. This was the worst video I have ever seen. You bought the phone and have nothing good to say at all. You spent the whole time whining about something YOU purchased. A little research and maybe you would have saved yourself some aggregation.

  2. I agree with all the software crap! It's definitely iOS 10 and it IS unacceptable! They keep adding shit without fixing the older problems! This is exactly why I don't use android because they have features galore but ignore the core functions and smoothness now Apple is doing exactly the same shit! ???

  3. the only things kept me on listening to this video was reading people's comments.
    Hahahahaaa you guys are hilarious.
    I have just ordered my IPhone 7plus n if I did listen to him before then I would have changed my mind but already checked the phone n am happy with getting it still. Changes to the new phones are inevitable so you just gotta learn to be patient and get used to them otherwise don't get it to avoid mourning n whinging.

  4. I find the freezing thing only happens with Snapchat for me. The camera doesn't work every once in a while and I have to exit out of the app and open it again.

  5. at the beginning of the video you said that if there's anything that there's an easy fix you to tell you… So there is a case I can both charge your phone and plug in your headphone jack

  6. This video is totally USELESS. why did this guys buy an iPhone and can't use it? Everything on this phone is EASY to use. Here's a hint. Go to the Apple Store and sit in on the how to classes cause you need a lesson on iPhone use. BAD!

  7. Dude complaining. Never really charged and listened to music at once most of the time. Use the adapter. Simple. 3D Touch the notification it will take you to the app. DUH!

  8. The reason they got rid of 3.5mm jack is because the lightning port is apples proprietary port they don't have licensing fee for the 3.5mm jack but you want to use lightning port apple gets a taste

  9. To hit a notification in the lock screen and that take you into the app you need to just rest your finger on the home button and it will say unlock at the very top, ice it says unlock you can hit the notification and it will take you to it, if that won't work you need to change it in the lock settings, there are two different options and you may have the other picked!

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